Being people centric, JCC Projects attends to the person as a human being, optimising both person and organisation.  Our coaching, counselling and mediation services aim on imbedding changed behaviour based on achieving common objectives.

Coaching, Counselling and Mediation Services

  • Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) based Coaching.
  • Counselling services.
  • Using the full suite of Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI), focusing on thinking preferences and whole brain thinking to benefit individual development and growth.  Some instruments that will add immediate value are:
    • NBI Personal Negativity Instrument.
    • NBI General Adult Profile
    • NBI Teacher/Trainer Profile
    • NBI Student Profile
    • NBI Skills Profile
    • NBI Leadership Profile
  • Business and individual mediation

Facilitation services:

  • Facilitation of meetings as a neutral entity
  • Development and Facilitation of Scenario specific Workshops and Team Building exercises
  • Planning sessions
  • Creative Thinking Based Problem Solving sessions
  • Conflict Management

Personal Development Services:

Development and facilitate client specific training and development workshops, for example:

  • Regain your Balance Workshop
  • Stress Management workshop
  • Creative Intelligence workshop
  • Thinking Skills Workshop

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