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JCC Projects is a professional consultancy providing implementable consulting and coaching services, following a holistic approach. The premise from which JCC Project approaches any intervention is that an organisation exists of various, inter-related, building blocks.  If there is interference or change on any one of these building blocks, there will be a ripple effect which needs to be managed to ensure organisational alignment and continued performance.

JCC Projects suggests the active and integrative consideration of the following business variables for continuous business success!

Multi-Dimensional Thinking or Cube Thinking is necessary and will redefine “normal”.

JCC Projects provides fit-for-purpose solutions.

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JCC Projects
JCC Projects works in partnership with our clients to deliver innovative solutions to real business problems.

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Multi Dimensional-Thinking
Professional consultancy providing implementable advice and consulting services.

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Our Client Centred Services

Change Mastery

Change mastery is the ability to learn, adapt, and apply ourselves in constantly changing conditions.

Information Resource Management

The world of work already progressed past the information age; the right information in the right format on the right time is significant key to decision making.

Research and Application

JCC Projects excels in the development, administration and interpretation of organisation and context specific research instruments.  What we don’t have we will procure or develop.

Human Resource Services

Competent, balanced and supported personnel is a critical success factor for any progressive organisation.  No organisation can succeed without the right people in the right position.

Coaching, Counselling, Mediation and Personal Development Services

As a people centric organisation, JCC Projects provide an end-to-end humanness approach.  We aim on imbedding changed behaviour based on achieving common objectives.


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